Why Choose Cultured Marble?

Why should you choose cultured marble for your bathroom renovation?

Some specific advantages include:

  • Our base and wall systems work together so there is very little chance of leakage
  • The installation of a base usually takes less than an hour as compared to days with ceramic tile bases.
  • Wall preparation work can usually be completed in a couple of hours, in comparison to one or two days for tile
  • Cultured tile walls install in just hours, in comparison to days with ceramic tile.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the walls is easier and cost effective without expensive cleaning products
  • The look of the finished product is fantastic
  • No grout, No mold, No problem!
Check out these short videos from our sibling company, Marble Works Iowa, for a close look at some of the differences between tiled, granite, and cultured marble showers.
Installation of our product is quick and easy, with installations being finished in 1 day or, in many cases, less! You’ll be back in your shower in no time!
In addition, you can now get all of the benefits of traditional cultured marble, with the look of natural stone, as we see in this video.